Sunday, October 08, 2006

Couple of new free programs and updates

I have been using a new firefox extension called GSPACE. It was very easy to set up, I greated a new gmail account and gave my brother in law and other family members the username and password, so when it was all set up we could trade pictures and other files very easily. It is also great for small file storage like picture, songs, and other documents you may be afraid of loosing. Because the gmail account acts like a virtual hard drive, you will have a pretty nice size storage area which is not affected by computer crashes.



REVISION3 Website with new shows and lots of great content.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Heres a clip from TSS with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (yes, the Diggnation Hosts) where KRose takes a $6 toothbrush, and OVERCLOCKS it to match a $100 one. Really cool and VERY funny. Enjoy

Monday, May 15, 2006

Skype Out = Free calls to phones

Free calling within the US and Canada.

But remember, you can make free calls within the US and Canada to both landlines and mobile phones until the end of the year. It’s really easy; there are no contract fees, no line rentals. All you need is Skype and a phone number you want to call.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Robot Wrestling video +++++VERY COOL ++++++

This would be a fun toy to have.

++RoBot WreStling++


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NEW DELL $10000 PC

The XPS 600 Renegade is a limited production PC that includes everything that you may be looking for in a package that starts at $9930.(us$) At the core of the PC is a Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition processor that has been overclocked from 3.73 to 4.26 GHz. Other components include 2 GB DDR2-667 memory, a 160 GB 10,000 RPM WD Raptor as well as a second WD 400 GB 7200 RPM hard drive. The Renegade also comes with a quad-SLI system that includes four GeForce 7900 GTX graphics processors with a total of 2 GB of GDDR3 memory. All I want for x-mas is red hot renegade!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Testing and maintaining your computers security

These are the programs and websites I like to use to help keep my computer running in top condition.

++Shields up security testing++
++Test my++
++Spyware blaster++
++Sygate personal firewall++
++AVG anti-virus++
++Search and destroy spyware blaster++
++Adaware spyware blaster++
++Skype #1 VOIP++

Friday, March 17, 2006

Freeware / Open source Software

  • 7-Zip - File archiver (Open Source).

  • Ad-Aware - Deletes unwanted Software

  • ATnotes - Stickies for your Desktop (Freeware)

  • Avast Anti-Virus - One of the best Virus Scanner around

  • Avant Browser - Another Web Browser (Freeware)

  • Apache HTTP Server - HTTP server (Open Source).

  • Audacity - Audio editor (Open Source).

  • AutoGK - DVD to DivX/Xvid Converter (Freeware)

  • AxCrypt - Encryption Software (Open Source)

  • Azureus - BitTorrent client (Open Source).

  • BB4Win - Alternative shell for Windows (Open Source).

  • BitComet - BitTorrent client (Freeware)

  • Blender - 3D graphics creation suite (Open Source).

  • Bosskey - Virtual Desktop Program (Freeware)

  • Cain & Abel - All-in-one Security Tool (Freeware)

  • CDex - MP3 ripper (Open Source).

  • Celestia - Real-time 3D space simulation (Open Source).

  • CCleaner - Cleans Crap on your Computer (Freeware)

  • Chaos Manager - Free Organizing Software (Freeware)

  • Context - powerful text editor (Freeware)

  • CVSNT - Versioning system (Freeware).

  • Cygwin - Linux-like environment for Windows (Open Source).

  • Dia - Drawing program (Open Source).

  • DIManager - Desktop Icon Manager (Freeware)

  • DVD Shrink - DVD Decrypter Software (freeware)

  • Eclipse - Java IDE (Open Source).

  • Econsole - Customizable Cmd Alternative (freeware)

  • Everest Home Edition - System Diagnostic Tool (Freeware)

  • Feedreader - Easy to use Feed Reader

  • FileZilla - FTP client (Open Source).

  • Firefox - Web browser (Open Source).

  • Foxit PDF Viewer - Fastest PDF Viewer around (Freeware)

  • Stellarium - Open Source Photo-Realistic Sky Generator in Real Time

  • foobar2000 - Audio player (Freeware).

  • FreeMind - Mind-mapping tool (Open Source).

  • Gaim - A multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client (Open Source)

  • GhostMouse - Mouse Recording Program (Freeware)

  • Gizmo - IP telephone (Freeware)

  • GMail Drive - Gmail shell extension (Freeware).

  • gnuplot - Plotting utility (Freeware).

  • Google Earth - imagery and other geographic information program

  • Hottnotes - Another sticky notes reminder program (Freeware)

  • HTTrack - Offline browsing utility (Open Source).

  • Icon Sushi - Icon editor (Freeware).

  • Inkscape - Vector graphics editor (Open Source).

  • IrfanView - Image viewer (Freeware).

  • Izarc - Another compression utility (Freeware)

  • Java - Programming language/platform.

  • Konfabulator - Widgets Software (Freeware)

  • Keepass - light-weight and easy-to-use password manager (Open Source)

  • Kerio Personal Firewall - Firewall (Freeware).

  • mIRC - IRC client (Nagware/Commercial).

  • Media Monkey - Jukebox Software (Freeware)

  • MWSnap - Screen Capture Utility (Freeware)

  • MySQL - Database server (Open Source/Commercial).

  • NetHack - Game (Open Source).

  • Notepad++ - A source code editor (Open Source)

  • OpenOffice - Office suite (Open Source).

  • Opera - Web browser (Adware/Commercial).

  • PDFCreator - PDF Creator (Open Source)

  • Process Explorer - Useful tool for tracking Programs and dll’s running on background (Freeware)

  • PHP - Programming language.

  • PuTTY - Telnet/SSH client (Open Source).

  • PSPad - all-in-one programmers editor (Freeware)

  • Quicktime Alternative - Play Quicktime files w/o Quicktime Player

  • Ras Monitor - Monitors bandwidth usage

  • Rainlendar - Desktop calendar (Open Source).

  • Real Alternative - Play RealMedia Files w/o Real Player

  • Restoration - File undelete software (Freeware)

  • RSS Bandit - News aggregator (Open Source).

  • Samurize - advanced sytem monitoring and desktop enhancement (Freeware)

  • SciTE - Text editor (Open Source).

  • ShellExtension - Adds nifty functions for explorer (Freeware)

  • ShellON v2 - Shell manager for Windows (Freeware).

  • Spybot SAD - Deletes unwanted Software

  • SQLyog - Database management tool (Freeware/Commercial).

  • Sunbird - Standalone Calendar

  • TextPad - Text editor (Nagware/Commercial).

  • The GIMP - Graphics editor (Open Source).

  • The Regex Coach - Regular expression tool (Freeware).

  • Thunderbird - Mail client (Open Source).

  • Trillian - Instant Messaging client (Freeware/Commercial).

  • Vim - A Free text editor (Open Source)

  • Virtual Dimension - Virtual Desktop Software (Open Source)

  • VirtualDub - Video processing and capture (Open Source).

  • VOIP Buster - Internet Telephony Software

  • Winamp - Media player(Freeware).

  • WinMerge - Diff utility (Open Source).

  • World Wind - Free Satellite Viewing Software

  • XMLSpy Home Edition - XML Development Tool (Freeware)

  • Zone Alarm Firewall - Stops hackers from getting into your PC